Who We Are

At Ironclad Inc., our mission is to empower in-house legal teams to do important work for their enterprises, rather than having to pore over paper. We make software that helps legal teams work faster, more collaboratively, and more securely. 

Legal teams use Ironclad to automatically generate contracts, manage numerous workflows from a single, intuitive interface, and secure all necessary approvals--all while staying fully interoperable with companies' preexisting infrastructure.

We Believe:

Ironclad does the work computers are best at so legal teams can do the work humans are best at.
We believe legal teams should be empowered to do the important, interesting work that you were trained to do—not the manual, rote work that can be left to a computer.

Contracts should be business assets, not risk assets.
Contract lifecycle management vendors focus on contracts as risk assets: documents that, when poorly managed, expose companies to significant, surprising risks. While contracts can certainly be dangerous if unchecked, we prefer to focus on their untapped potential. Ironclad is designed to ease cross-functional teamwork, enabling business users to own the contracting processes without having to burden or block on legal teams. With Ironclad, legal teams can measure KPIs, reduce deal times, and generate ROIs.

Move fast—but don't break things.
We're bringing Silicon Valley technology to legal teams, but without all the Silicon Valley disruption. Our platform sits on top of your existing infrastructure and is fully interoperable with existing systems. That means that nothing about your current process needs to break when you start using Ironclad. Ironclad integrates with Dropbox, DocuSign, Salesforce, and can be configured for a wide range of other integrations. It also doesn't feed your documents into a proprietary database that locks you in; rather, Ironclad automatically makes sure that all of your contracts are stored in the folders and databases you're already using.

Build products that legal teams love using.
Software that is clunky, weighed down by unnecessary features, and otherwise difficult to use are products that no one uses—wastes of money, resources, and time. By focusing on legal teams' workflows, needs, and desires, we've created a product that is easy for legal teams to learn and love using.

Meet our Founders

Jason Boehmig (CEO) and Cai GoGwilt (CTO) founded Ironclad Inc. to combat barriers to legal work that they encountered regularly as, respectively, a corporate attorney at Fenwick & West and a software engineer at Palantir Technologies. Together, they built a team of Silicon Valley engineers, lawyers, and legal professionals committed to building an intuitive, powerful, and secure solution for legal teams.